Add Loan

  • Add Loan Products
  • Choose from Flat Interest, Reducing Balance – Equal Installments, Reducing Balance – Equal Principal, Interest-Only loans, or Compound Interest
  • Released Date, Amount, Interest %, Duration, and Repayment Cycle
  • Add Repayment Cycle for example fixed days every month
  • Set Grace Period
  • Set Penalties for late repayment and after maturity date
  • Set a different Interest Start Date
  • First Repayment Date and First Repayment Amount can be manually set in Add Loan
  • Add Loan Fees
  • Add Guarantors
  • Add Loan Agreement files
  • Loan Calculator
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Add Loans for Processing
  • Set Loan Reminders
  • Unlimited Loans


Collateral Register

  • Add Collateral
  • View Loan to Value (LTV) ratio
  • Manage all Collateral in a Register

Manage Loan

  • View and print Loan Statement and Collection Schedule
  • Add Repayment
  • Add Bulk Repayments
  • View Loan Terms and Files
  • Add Comments
  • Edit Collection Sheet
  • Restructure Loan
  • Override Loan Due Amount
  • Filter Loans
  • Send bulk SMS to borrowers on the Daily Collection Sheet or the Overdue Loans Sheets.

Overdue Loans

  • View Pending Due Loans
  • View Past Maturity Date Loans
  • View 1 Month Overdue Loans
  • View 3 Months Overdue Loans


Loan Agreements/Templates

  • View Sample Loan Agreements
  • Upload Loan Agreement Template
  • Download Customized Loan Agreement for each loan