Add Loan

  • Add Loan Products
  • Choose from Flat Interest, Reducing Balance – Equal Installments, Reducing Balance – Equal Principal, Interest-Only loans, or Compound Interest
  • Released Date, Amount, Interest %, Duration, and Repayment Cycle
  • Add Repayment Cycle for example fixed days every month
  • Set Grace Period
  • Set Penalties for late repayment and after maturity date
  • Set a different Interest Start Date
  • First Repayment Date and First Repayment Amount can be manually set in Add Loan
  • Add Loan Fees
  • Add Guarantors
  • Add Loan Agreement files
  • Loan Calculator
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Add Loans for Processing
  • Set Loan Reminders
  • Unlimited Loans


Collateral Register

  • Add Collateral
  • View Loan to Value (LTV) ratio
  • Manage all Collateral in a Register

Manage Loan

  • View and print Loan Statement and Collection Schedule
  • Add Repayment
  • Add Bulk Repayments
  • View Loan Terms and Files
  • Add Comments
  • Edit Collection Sheet
  • Restructure Loan
  • Override Loan Due Amount
  • Filter Loans
  • Send bulk SMS to borrowers on the Daily Collection Sheet or the Overdue Loans Sheets.

Overdue Loans

  • View Pending Due Loans
  • View Past Maturity Date Loans
  • View 1 Month Overdue Loans
  • View 3 Months Overdue Loans


Loan Agreements/Templates

  • View Sample Loan Agreements
  • Upload Loan Agreement Template
  • Download Customized Loan Agreement for each loan

Savings Product

  • Add Savings Products
  • Set Interest Rate
  • Set Interest Posting Frequency
  • Set Minimum Balance required
  • Set Savings Fees


Savings Account

  • Add Savings Account
  • Add Transaction such as Deposit, Withdrawal, and Interest Amount
  • Print Savings Account Statement
  • System will automatically add interest to the savings account depending on the savings product


  • Add Expense
  • Set Expense Type
  • Upload Invoices and Receipts
  • Set Recurring Expenses
  • View and filter Expenses based on Expense Type



  • Add Payroll for your Staff
  • Automatically Generate Payslips
  • Choose Payroll Templates
  • Edit Template Fields
  • Set Recurring Payroll
  • View and filter Payroll based on Staff name


Other Income

  • Add Other Income
  • Set Other Income Type
  • Upload Files
  • Download Receipts
  • Set Recurring Other Income
  • View and filter Other Income based on Other Income Type
  • Asset Management
  • Add Asset Management
  • Set Asset Management Type
  • Upload Files
  • Add Depreciation Values


  • Only First Name and Last Name required to create borrower
  • Upload picture and files if any
  • Add details such as DOB, Email, Mobile, and Address
  • Send SMS and Email directly to Borrower
  • Auto Send SMS and Email
  • Add Loans and Savings Account
  • Invite Borrowers to Augrodut so they can see their loans, repayments, and savings account
  • Assign Loan Officers to Borrowers
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Borrowers can be added


  • Loan Released Chart
  • Loan Collections Chart
  • Past Maturity Date Chart
  • Pie Chart on the percentage of male and female borrowers
  • Average Loan Tenure
  • Balance Sheet, Net Profit, Gross Profit, Expenses, and Payroll Charts
  • Savings Chart


Download Statements/Receipts

  • Repayment Receipt
  • Loan Statement
  • Client Statement
  • Loan Schedule
  • Other Income Receipt
  • Format Reports


  • Balance Sheet
  • Collections Report and Chart
  • Collector Report (Staff)
  • Cash Flow and Detailed Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Disbursement Report
  • Pending Dues Report
  • Profit Loss Statement
  • Microfinance Financial Reporting Standards – Ratios
  • Portfolio At Risk (PAR) figures
  • At A Glance Report
  • Summary of total borrowers, savings, loans, and collections
  • Download reports in CSV (Excel, LibraOffice, Apache OpenOffice)


Accounting Integration

  • Transfer data from Loandisk to Sage One


  • Add Staff and upload picture and files
  • Set Staff Roles for each staff such as Cashier, Teller, Operations Manager, Collector, and Branch Manager
  • Set permissions for each staff role and control what pages they can see
  • Assign Staff to Branch so they can’t access other branches